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lime and ginger cordial
Ginger and Limeade – With a Twist
Continuing the theme of Ginger this month… We have been trying a few combinations and found that Lime and Ginger
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Fresh Ginger
Ginger Infused Gin Recipe
Ginger has great health benefits and give a little heat to a drink, really nice in the winter time. For
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citrus fruit
Tangy Citrus Gin
Mix it up as you wish, select different citrus fruit and use the same recipe You will need the following
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Pink Rhubarb
Rhubarb Gin Recipe
Drink with Tonic over ice for a refreshing summer drink  You will need the following Ingredients 800ml Gin 400g Caster
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Honey Vodka Liqueur Recipe
This is very quick to make and you can drink it after just one day. The sweetness of your favorite
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orange fruits
Orange Vodka Liqueur Recipe
Orange Vodka Recipe. Juicy Oranges, Vodka, Sugar and Water. Serve over ice for a beautiful refreshing drink. Ingredients: 3 large
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Banana Rum Fruit Liqueur Recipe
Get down and tropical with this wonderful banana flavored rum liqueur, well worth trying. Wait until the end of the
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red currants
Redcurrant Liqueur (Vodka) Recipe
Redcurrant Vodka Liqueur Recipe  This one is in 2 stages, mix the fruit and vodka, leave for a while and
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Blueberry Vodka Liqueur Recipe
Blueberry is supposed to be a superfruit and superfood, in that case add it to your favorite Vodka and enjoy
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