Booze News from September 2019

Black Sheep Brewery Launches Dry Gin September 20, 2019

The black sheep brewery located in Masham, North Yorkshire, is well know for its real ales. It has now launched an artisan London Dry Gin that is distilled in there own copper pot.

The growing gin market can only be a good thing for UK distillers looking to expand.

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black sheep gin bottle

Sir Ian Botham Launches ’22 Yards’ Gin September 12, 2019

Following on from his wine range Sir Ian has launched a London Dry Gin named ’22 Yards’ after the cricketers illustrious career.

Gin should be available in November with future product possible that might well include Whisky

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BRUSSELS SPROUT GIN September 3, 2019

A Distillery in Edinburgh has launched Gin flavored with Sprouts, just in time for Christmas.

Pickering is offering it in a gift box along with other flavored Gins.

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