Cherry Brandy Recipe – That Old Favorite

This Cherry Brandy Recipe is one of our favorites, everyone has heard of it. Great memories of going to grandparents houses at Christmas and there was always a bottle of Cherry Brandy.

Use Ratio of:

  • 450 g (1 lb) Cherries
  • 85 g (3 oz) Sugar
  • 150 ml (1/4 pt) Brandy.

Increase each keeping the ratio equal for a higher volume of liqueur


  1. Wash cherries and place into a large screwtop jar / bottle or kilner jar.
  2. Add the sugar and gently pour in brandy.
  3. Gently shake or stir once a day for two weeks or until the sugar has all dissolved.
  4. Store in dark place for 3 months.
  5. Filter into bottles.
  6. Enjoy with some dark, high cocoa chocolate.

Add the cherries to melted chocolate for an extra treat, use a good quality high cocoa chocolate.

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