Raspberry Gin Fruit Liqueur Recipe

This raspberry gin recipe that started the whole website, I was given it by a friend and was hooked from then on.


  • 300g of Raspberries
  • 330g of Sugar
  • 1.5 ltrs of Gin
  • 2 ltr Kilner or Le Parfait Jar


  1. Wash raspberries and discard any bruised or damaged fruit. Place in a 2 ltr Kilner Jar.
  2. Add the sugar and top up to the rim with Gin.
  3. Shake once a day for 2 weeks and then once a week for the next 3 months.
  4. Store in a dark cool place, let it mature if you can resist, at least 3 months but the longer the better.

Top Tip:

Melt some dark chocolate and mix in the drained fruit, let it set in the fridge and you will have some stunning Raspberry and Gin Chocolate.

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